Jay and Varina Patel

So…. I’m DPFreebies, yet I’m introducing you to a married photography team? Yes, Yes, I am. Meet Jay and Varina Patel Yes, they have e-books for sale, and workshops, but they also have a wonderful set of websites loaded with tons of information written well, and easy to explore. There really is a lot of information on their site, and I think if you have a bit of time and an interest in photography you should explore it. Their Q&A about the difference between crop camera and full frame is quite good. (They use both). Their explanation was clear, and was a better justification than I’ve read elsewhere. They know their stuff, and are a pleasure to read! Please enjoy!

Awesome!!!! (for iPhone/iPad/iPod)

So, just a few days ago SmugMug came out with a wonderful FREE app. Of course it is Apple only, they say they are working on an android version… ehhh… Hopefully, they will. I’ve only been able to play with it on my iPod touch…. BUT, I have to say, that it IS awesome.

This is the BEST new camera app. It is better than Camera+ which used to be the gold standard…

Download Camera Awesome here, and you can read reviews on it at A LOT of sites!

TimeUSA TodayWall Street Journal, Appolicious all wrote great reviews.

Time to download a new FREE APP! Woot!

(and it looks like if you use AWESOME to sign up for SmugMug you get half off your SmugMug subscription)


Check out my Facebook page!

Okay, so that might seem strange to say, but some of our fans have been posting wonderful freebies on the faecbook page that I haven’t gotten to post on the blog yet, so if you haven’t explored all the posts on facebook, feel free to dig in and explore. If you like something, say thanks, and comment! All the comments on the blog this week have been spam, while i’m appreciative that lose-belly.com really loved my photography blog, and that   super-furniture-discount’s boss finds my blog informative, I’d love to have feed back on what YOU find interesting or informative, and what you’d like to see more of.

Great PINTEREST image tutorial

Check this out! Jan Kabili, my favorite Photoshop trainer has come up with a simple tutorial on how to make a nine pane image board all line up on pinterest! I’m so excited to know how to do this, and I’m looking forward to find the right images to do this with, on Pinterest, as well as using it for Google+  You can find her on pinterest right here, and on google+ here. Really a GREAT tutorial!!!!

Clickin Moms FREE TRIAL!

I’m a member of Clickin’ Moms, and have been for over a year. Yes, it is an amazing forum geared towards women who want to improve their photography. It is a great mix of newbies, hobbyists, and seasoned pros. I have to say that Clickin’ Moms has been the most instructive, and warm forum I’ve ever been a part of! There is so much learning, laughter, and a great sense of community. What is great about CM? They are very welcoming to new members. Right now, they are offering a code for a free 10 day trial. I must admit, if they offered this when I was on the fence, I would have JUMPED on it. If you’re into photography, and are looking for a place to talk, learn and grow, come check it out.  Click Here -> Clickin’ Moms find the JOIN button and type in GIFT10 for a free 10 day trial! The code also works for $10 off a 6 month or year membership. What’s stopping you? Looking forward to seeing you!!!!!!

**must disclose, that I’m an affiliate, I’ll get a small % of your membership IF you decide to join and you use my link, however I do believe this 10 day trial is a great freebie**

Fstoppers Great articles and Tutorials

So, Tonight, Tamera Lackey posted an interesting article on Facebook. It was about the gender unbalance in photography. It was an interesting read. But the best part was, it let me to Fstoppers. I’ve never really spent much time there before, but I’m glad I’ve discovered it. There is a great DYI section with wonderful tutorials! Woot! It works great for DPFreebies. Go check out all you can learn at Fstoppers, and read the gender inequality post. 

CreativeLIVE Bellies and Babies this weekend!

If you haven’t heard about CreativeLIVE you’re missing out. They are a great resource for photography education. This weekend they are doing Bellies and Babies, which should be a great watch.

So, from about 9-5, (FRI, SAT, SUN) with rewatches going on at night, they show a very long and detailed webinar. If you miss it, and want to purchase it, you can, but it is FREE while it is going on.

Totally wonderful resource! Go take a peek this weekend. A freebie that is totally WORTH it!

Sean Duggan’s Lightroom Import Dialog Tutorial

l have to admit. I’m bad. When I get my photos into Lightroom, I don’t spend the needed few  minutes and import my photos well. My files are a mess. A disaster. Now, if I really paid attention, I know that I should have started them off right, and I wouldn’t be in the mess I’m in now. Start with a system. Sean Duggan has a good tutorial on how he imports his photos into Lightroom. Check him out, he’s a great guy to follow, and knows quite a bit. I met him tonight on THE PHOTOSHOP SHOW with Jan Kabili.